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Rick Reil

Code name: Astral

Instruments: Vocals, Acoustic and Electric 6 and 12 string Guitars, Keyboards, Drums, Bazouki, Sitar twangs, and Percussion.

Bio: A co-founding member of The Grip Weeds, Rick also produces and performs with The Wyld Olde Souls, along with his wife Ivy Vale, and his sister Marlene with contributions from Kristin Pinell. The Wyld Olde Souls have released two acclaimed albums. As a performer, Rick took over the drum chair and toured with the reformed Left Banke. A co-founder of House Of Vibes Productions, Rick has produced projects for The Wyld Old Souls, Don Puglisi and The Grip Weeds. With Ivy Vale, Rick recently co-wrote “Out Of My Comfort Zone”, their first musical theater project.

The Gear: My main guitar used to be a Fender Telecaster (not vintage but so beat up at this point it looks it) outfitted with a Fishman acoustic pickup. Then my brother Kurt “bought” me a Fender Telesonic for Xmas several years ago which has some of the sonic qualities of a Gretsch Duo Jet. That’s been my favorite guitar ever since. I also play a Rickenbacker 12 string George Harrison model. I have 2 acoustics: a beautiful sounding Alvarez 6 string and a Martin 12 string. My amp is a Vox AC 30 and I have a nice assortment of boutique effects pedals.