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Dave DeSantis

Instruments: Bass, vocals.

Bio: Joining The Grip Weeds in 2012 on bass guitar is Dave DeSantis. Dave is a veteran bassist of the New Jersey garage rock scene. Early on, he co-founded the punk band Chronic Sick, and the psych-influenced The Secret Syde, later forming Laughing Soup Dish and The X Men. After a musical hiatus, he was recruited by New Jersey’s The Easy Outs, and was first heard by Kurt Reil during their recording sessions at The House Of Vibes. As Kurt tells it, “As soon as Dave walked into the studio, I knew he was one of us. Then he plugged in his Rickenbacker bass and proved it!” Dave’s distinctive driving yet melodic style has lit a fire under this already potent band, as evidenced by his work on their latest album, How I Won The War.

The Gear: Rickenbacker 4001, Hofner 500/1 basses, Peavey amplification, Marshall 1551 2x15 speaker cabinets