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Kristin Pinell

Instruments: Lead Guitar, Flute, Mandolin, Harmonica, Vocals.

Bio: Kristin is a much acclaimed and respected guitarist who cut her performing teeth as a part of the Boston, MA. all-female band Good Question. Moving to the New York City area in the 90’s, she co-founded The Rooks, recording four acclaimed and influential albums with them. She joined The Grip Weeds in 1993, in time to appear on their debut full-length album House Of Vibes and to co-found House Of Vibes Productions with Kurt and Rick Reil. She’s appeared on recordings by Mannix and The Smithereens, and contributes to The Wyld Olde Souls.

The Gear: For live shows I use a 1967 Gibson SG and an old Marshall head paired with an Avatar cab and Celestion speakers. It gets me a real crunchy sound. I'm a one guitar/one man woman...until I get my road crew that is! I just want to plug in, get a great sound and go. Kurt found the SG in a shop in Hoboken, NJ and I immediately fell for the sound. For many years I played Gibson Les Pauls which I still use in the studio but I like the lighter SG on stage. It's got some serious mojo! Live I also have a collection of pedals that give me various levels of distortion, boost and effects. Fulltones, Boss mostly. Some of my other fave guitars/instruments in my studio arsenal are an electric sitar, Gibson lap steel, Yamaha flute, 72 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe, 64 Gretsch Nashville, Ric 12-string, Gibson 355.